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Person-First Language

Person-First Language is used to speak appropriately and respectfully about an individual with a disability. Person-First Language emphasizes the person not the disability.  An example is saying "a person with a disability" instead of "disabled person".  A person's disability does not define who they are.

Say This…                                                         

Not This


A person who uses a wheelchair

A person who is a wheelchair user

Wheelchair bound

Confined to a wheelchair



A person with hearing loss

A person who is deaf/hearing impaired

Suffers with a hearing loss

A deaf person



A person who is blind/visually impaired

A blind person



A person who is unable to speak

A person who is non-verbal

Dumb, mute

Deaf and dumb



A person who had polio

A person who has multiple sclerosis

A person with muscular dystrophy

A person with cerebral palsy

A person with epilepsy

A person with a seizure disorder

A person with an intellectual disability

A person with a learning disability

Victim of polio

Suffers from multiple sclerosis

Stricken by muscular dystrophy

A cripple, spastic

An epileptic

A spastic

Retarded, retard

Slow learner



Persons with disabilities

Persons who have disabilities

The handicapped, afflicted

Poor unfortunates, the disabled



Person without a disability

Normal, healthy, able-bodied



Children with disabilities

Special or exceptional children



Has a physical disability


Has a mental disorder

Has Down’s syndrome

Crippled, lame, deformed, physically challenged

Crazy, insane, psycho




A disability

A seizure

A condition

A handicap, handicapped

A fit

A disease (Most disabilities are conditions, even if originally caused by diseases)

A congenital disability

Successful, productive

Added responsibility

A birth defect

Courageous, heroic

Drain, burden


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